miercuri, 29 septembrie 2010

Umbrela fermecata

E camuflata intr-o umbrela obisnuita, care te apara de ploaie si isi ascunde puterile magice sub fetele ingerasilor care zambesc sau viseaza cu ochisorii larg deschisi. E cea mai buna prietena a cizmelor de cauciuc cu carouri mov si cea mai buna terapie pe timp de ploaie. Am descoperit-o pe taramul cartilor intelepte de la Carturesti si am simtit ca e speciala. Azi mi-am testat umbrela fermecata si sunt foarte multumita de rezultat! So... let it rain... :)

2 comentarii:

  1. How beautiful

    How beautiful along the autumn you appeared,
    I touched your hand, you touched my pride.
    Marks from your fingers are running scared
    Embracing shapes of my soul deep inside.

    How beautiful and anxious you’ll be kissed
    When our lips, like faith in other Gods set free,
    Will seal the nights we didn’t know we missed,
    Will open doors believed without a key.

    How beautiful you will be waking every morning,
    The time will stop enslaving any other days,
    When in my arms, your dreams without a warning
    Will be my one religion, beyond this cagy space.

    How beautiful illusions in Winter will run free,
    If I’m the Fall before and you’re my only Spring,
    If here my soul is painted like stranger in one knee,
    And worldly pain I’m holding will be your wedding ring.


    Sunt foarte gelos pe umbrela...

  2. talentata nu gluma