vineri, 30 iulie 2010

Unforgetable - Nat King Cole

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  1. Illusion

    The clock is turned against my pride,
    I tried to find you since last week…
    When all the time has been denied
    And I can’t be, can’t breath, can’t speak.

    The window shakes each time I spy,
    The image breaks around my hands.
    Instead of me, your lines so shy
    A world replaced .Another fades...

    The table lies between the two,
    A wound still bleeding in between…
    Still try to find now who is who,
    Might be just me in double scene.

    I thought I found you…was a lie
    You don’t exist… and neither I.


    Cred ca unul dintre putinele lucruri care merita sa nu le uit niciodata ar fi faptul ca odata, prin 2010, am avut cea mai frumoasa muza
    din lume...

  2. @Armand: Am o singura cerere: o invitatie la lansarea volumului! :) esti foarte talentat!

  3. In decembrie..e aproape gata. Si daca vrei sa vii la New York pentru lansare ar fi extraordinar...esti invitata mea.